DawgPoundUSA: Eddie Diaz, Python & Danillo


DawgPoundUSA: Eddie Diaz, Python & Danillo

big dick black gay porn - muscle thug Python fucks black gay porn star Eddie Diaz

What would black gay porn be without big dicks and sexy black men? Luckily, at DawgPoundUSA, you never have to worry about a shortage of big black dick, sexy black men, fat ass homies, nut guzzling freaks or ass-eating thugs. This video has two scenes: one with black gay porn star, Eddie Diaz, getting fucked by sexy, big dick, muscle thug, Python. and the other featuring newcomer Danillo. Eddie Diaz fans have been demanding his return, but who would have guessed it would be on DawgPoundUSA? This is his second scene on the site and hopefully, we’ll get to see more of him.

Big Dick Thug Python Fucks Black Gay Porn Star Eddie Diaz

big dick thug Python fucks sexy black gay porn star Eddie Diaz

Both Eddie Diaz and Python are sexy as fuck, in different ways, so I understand the pairing. Some of you might disagree, but I think the scene could have been  a lil hotter. There’s nothing hugely wrong with it, it’s just that when you put two black gay porn stars (both with massive followings) like Eddie and Python together, there are monster expectations. Eddie Diaz is always a pro, Python fucked liked a porn star and his big dick is always impressive, but there could have been more passion. Luckily, the two are so hot, most of you guys might not notice and Python earns points for his delicious cumshot. In my opinion, Eddie’s first DawgPoundUSA scene with Sarge was hotter >>>> check it out on Black Gay Porn Blog. What do you guys think?

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Big Dick Danillo’s Phone Sex

black gay porn - big dick Danillo has phone sex at Dawgpoundusa

Danillo makes his DawgPoundUSA debut in this solo scene. He peels off his clothes to reveal a sexy, muscular worked-out body, then gets on the phone. When he pulls it out, you won’t be able to keep you eyes off his big, juicy dick. He gets into some hot phone sex and strakes that fat long dick, until he busts a fat nut. His big ol’ dick really is a thing of beauty!

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