Cody Cummings, James & Adam in Cum Eating 3Way


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Popular bisexual porn stud, Cody Cummings, makes his Gay Porn Blogger debut, in this cum eating 3way with James Jameson and Adam Wirthmore. Not sure how many of you have a DVD player and porn, ready to go, on your weight-lifting bench, but hey, it’s gay porn and that’s the way the scene starts.Cody puts on a flick, starts stroking his meaty cock and he is soon joined by cocksucker, Adam and then James. Adam goes to own on both cocks, showing off his head skills,as he deep-throats Cody and James back and forth. James Jameson is ready to fuck some ass and he is soon plowing Adam (or bottom boy as he calls him), taming that asshole with his big cock.

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Fans of Cody Cummings will be pleased to see him, but his best moment is right at the end, when he cums in Adam’s mouth. Not one to waste a hot load, Adam swallows every last drop of Cody’s man milk. This scene actually belongs to the other two guys – James Jameson (with all his ginger studliness) and Adam Wirthmore, who takes two loads in his mouth. Cody is more like the guest star, but the fans aren’t complaining (or are they – what do you guys think?), they know what to expect from the Italian stallion, Cody Cummings.